6 WordPress Plugins To Easily Create Mobile-Responsive Websites

Mobile devices are the new tools for accessing the internet. However, websites developed for desktops are often not displayed properly on the mobile devices. Hence, web masters cannot afford to overlook the importance of developing mobile responsive websites. WordPress users have a number of plugin options for converting their conventional desktop websites into mobile responsive sites. These plugins are a boon for web masters and small businesses whose small budget does not allow them to hire web developers for building a mobile friendly website from the scratch. The WordPress plugins can be easily customized to meet your specific needs.

Here Is A List Of Some Of The Well Known Plugins That Are Usually Used For Building Mobile-Responsive Websites
1. Jetpack
Jetpack offers Mobile Theme that converts the content created for the desktop site into mobile compatible content. It gives the mobile site a clean and uncluttered look and also ensures that it has a faster loading speed. Jetpackā€™s Mobile Theme can be easily activated from the Jetpack dashboard. It gives you the option for displaying the full post or excerpts on the mobile site. Web designers can apply their coding skills to configure the Mobile Theme to give the mobile site a unique look. Jetpack is a free plugin.

Download Jetpack
2. WordPress Mobile Pack
The latest version of WordPress Mobile Pack is compatible with all popular browsers and mobile operating systems. Knowledge about coding is not required for customizing the appearance of the mobile site, although web developers can utilize their programming knowledge for advanced customization. All the posts, pages and comments displayed on the desktop website are synchronized into the mobile site so that your readers do not miss anything when they access your website on their smartphones.

3. WPtouch Mobile Plugin
The multiple customization options allow you to customize the site exactly the way you want. It saves you the trouble of changing your desktop theme to make it mobile responsive. The plugin dramatically increases the loading speed of the site on mobile devices. Another advantage of using WPtouch Mobile plugin is the ease of switching between the desktop theme and mobile theme. The paid version of the plugin features a built-in advertising feature that helps web masters to insert advertisements in their mobile sites with ease.

4. WordPress Mobile Detector
Here is a plugin that can differentiate between a smartphone and a mobile phone so that it can display the site that is best suited for the particular device. By automatically formatting the content and resizing the images it ensures that visitors get the best experience while viewing your website on their mobile device. It offers 11 mobile themes suitable for different types of sites including ecommerce sites and blogs.

5. Mobile Smart
Mobile Smart automatically displays your website in the mobile compatible format when a visitor accesses your website from a mobile device. Furthermore, it gives visitors the option of manually switching between desktop and mobile versions of your website. Furthermore, to provide the best viewing experience the plugin automatically disables widgets and plugins that seem to impair the quality of the site when viewed on a mobile device.

6. iThemes Mobile
The plugin offers four mobile themes that can be easily customized with the built-in theme style manager. Furthermore, it allows designers to assign different themes for different mobile platforms so that the mobile theme differs from device to device. It supports a wide range of mobile platforms and smartphones. Hence, you can easily build a mobile responsive WordPress site that offers high quality user experience for almost every mobile platform and device.

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