How To Restore A WordPress Posts With Just A Database Backup

1. Create Backup

First you need to go to the phpMyadmin in the database setting, then you need to login with the user id and password, then locate the WordPress folder to the directly and then select all and export it to the phpmyadmin and then create the backup to the hard disk.

2. Create New Database

First you need to go the database and click to the cPanel and then you need to go to the mySQL database, here you will make the new user id and you need to make the password by using the alphanumeric keys, as the new user is created, go to the the mySQL database, then go down you will find that to link the new user to the database.

3. Import The Data

Now again go the cPanel, now check there will an option for the phpMyadmin, now go there and click there, as you click to it, you will get the option of the database that you have created earlier. Now you get the options of the import, now you will get the browse option, now locate the backup files that is already stored on your computer, make sure the database should be compressed, now click to the import icon.

4. Install New WordPress

Now you need to install the new WordPress by using the quick install method and then you will the get the option to configure the data, here you need to enter the username of the database and password that you have created earlier.

5. Install The Backup

As you login with the user id and password your database will be connected to the WordPress and you will get the popup that it is already installed, now you will have all of your data in the WordPress from the backup.


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