Top 7 Magento Web Hosting Providers 2016

Most of the transactions today, take place in the online platform and these online stores operate smoothly with the help of the web hosting service providers. They provide you a server, to enable your content to be visible worldwide. When it comes to the Magento platform, the user has to choose between the dedicated and shared server. Also, if you wish to use the card information of your customers, you should look for a host with PCI compliance. Mostly, all the hosting providers will offer similar benefits and the major factors to consider while choosing a host includes price, PCI compliance, refresh speed, and reliable support round the clock.
Here Is The List Of The Magento Web Hosting Providers To Choose From:
If you are an owner of a small scale or a medium scale online store with not more than 10,000 visits per month, the siteground hosting will benefit you for sure. The hosting service they provide is cheap and provides a 10GB web space for the clients to manage the traffic. Also, they have datacenters built on three continents, which will help in getting better speed. Further, it comes with tutorials for the beginners along with the templates and back up tool in the panel. However, it does not have PCI compliance but, has a 30-day money back guarantee.
Arvixe is an all rounder with services essential for all enterprises irrespective of their size. With the three servers located at different centers, it can provide better hosting. Also, they are available at a cheaper price range and do a good job of hosting. It provides secured connections and offers support to resolve your Magento queries. Also, they can be used for hosting more than one Magento site using a personal package along with having PCI compliance for security.
This hosting service is in use since many years and is reliable too. With the cheaper price plans, it becomes suitable for start-ups and developing online stores with not more than 1000 visits per day. The host providers have only one datacenter in the US and are useful for those who wish to have their website hosted in the US alone. Further, they provide support from the control panel and have a lifetime money back policy. Also, it comes with PCI compliance for those websites with card information management. However, it provides support to the major issues of Magento and does not expect it to solve all your issue concerning.
4.Host Gator
It is yet another hosting service provider in use for a long time. The domains they host currently are numerous and they offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space. The speed they offer is decent and they have two datacenters in the US. The plans are available at a cheaper price and they also offer you a money back guarantee for 45 days. It comes with a reliable monitoring support along with having backup facility. Also, they offer PCI compliance for added security and can solve most of your Magento issues. However, the cost that is required for renewal is much costlier than the initial registration which becomes a drawback.
These providers are in the field for more than 10 years and offer a decent package that is affordable. They have 3 server datacenters to enable maximum speed. It does not restrict the server capacity to use and can support Magento very well to manage the traffic in line. They provide an additional security feature of withfree HackScan and do not have PCI compliance. Further, they provide all time support and manage backups.
It is one of the service providers offering fastest loading and is hence available at an expensive price when compared to the other hosts. As they contribute dedicated servers for hosting you can get up to 24 GB of RAM for your website hosting. They have datacenters in three major continents and are useful to provide service to improve the performance of your Magento platform. Further, they provide PCI compliance for added security and offer round the clock support with experts to solve all the Magento issues.
The Rackspace are platinum partners of the Magento platform and are suitable for almost all the online stores especially for the large scale business websites. The speed they offer can manage the heavy traffic on your page and have PCI compliance for the products in the stores. As they target the large-scale business sites, the packages and plans they offer are also high when compared to the other hosting providers. However, they provide unlimited support to all major issues and can resolve your Magento queries with the help of their experts and hence are worth the money invested.

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